Scholarship Guide: Making Money Moves IN & BEFORE College


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This Scholarship Guide is a nationally acclaimed plan for achieving scholarship success. Among the many topics is: 

  1. 3 Top Methods of Finding Scholarships 
  2. Writing an Award Winning Scholarship Essay 
  3. Applying for FAFSA and State Aid 

There is no guide quite like this one, with its videos embedded in the text to make it easier for students to follow along. This handbook is guaranteed to make the process of identifying, applying and achieving scholarships easier for students.


Packet of 100+ scholarships


Our scholarship team provides an exhaustive list of 100+ local and national scholarships to all of our seminar attendees.

Essay Tips and Writing Activities


The vast majority of scholarship applications include a requirement for a written essay. This seminar includes tips on writing an award winning scholarship essay. We also provide feedback on writing during our exercises.

Federal and Financial Aid Help


Representatives from the Oklahoma's Promise program and the Federal Financial Aid office attend our seminars to give advice to families about receiving federal financial assistance to attend college.

Flash Drives


A technological gap exists in low-income communities making it harder for students to complete assignments and apply for college and scholarships. Our program distributes flash drives to each family to help fill this gap.



We are always cognizant of the impoverished communities that we service. At each of the seminars we host, we provide food for families that attend.

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Expert Scholarship Panel


Four (4) scholarships experts discuss several types of scholarships including STEM, pageantry, internships/fellowships and athletic scholarships. (Optional)

Speaks 4 You, Inc's Scholarship Seminar Series Infomercial


Please review the attached document before hosting a seminar with Speaks 4 You, Inc. 

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Additional Information


Our Scholarship Seminar Program Objective: 

Our Scholarship Seminar Series seeks to level the inequity in scholarship obtainment by focusing on creative and innovative ways to teach scholarship search, application, obtainment and retention.  


Why are we qualified to do it? 

Before graduating from college, BerThaddaeus received over 25 private scholarships totaling over $150,000 toward his college education. His refund checks from the university were higher than some families’ yearly salaries – because he positioned himself to search, apply, obtain and maintain the scholarships he received. 

Not only BerThaddaeus, but the panel of scholarship experts that he bring with him are experts in pageantry scholarships, athletic scholarships, internship and fellowship scholarships, campus leadership scholarships, and STEM scholarships (by request), and have all gotten their education paid for.

Since our first seminar, our success has been phenomenal:

  • We have helped over 500 families;
  • We have been recognized and commended by city and state officials;
  • We are registered vendors with the largest school districts in the state; and
  • We were recently covered on Channel 2 News in Tulsa for helping students achieve college scholarships.