Awarding the 2018 Dr. J.B. Wade Scholarship

Mrs. Leslie Wade (wife of Dr. Jerome Wade) and BerThaddaeus Bailey (CEO of Speaks 4 You, Inc.) surprises the parents of this year's winner with the 2018 Dr. Jerome B. Wade Scholarship. 

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About Dr. Jerome B. Wade

"I believe the world is a better place because Dr. Wade lived." - BerThaddaeus Bailey

Brief Biographical Synopsis

Dr. Jerome Byron Wade, Sr. was born to Mary Arnold Wade and Donald Wade Sr. in Chicago IL on August 1, 1951. He was the 5th of eleven children. Being unique would be his claim to fame. Jerome had a strong sense of family. He often mentioned when reminiscing that he always wanted his family to move to a house with a yard. Yet Jerome was fiercely loyal to Wentworth Gardens, the project where they were raised. He attended Abbott Elementary School kindergarten through 8th grade and graduated from a highly regarded public school, Lindblom College Prep High School [1969]. He was encouraged to apply to Dartmouth College along with his regional choices. He matriculated in the summer of 1969 [class of 1973]. Jerome majored in Chemistry and had a reputation as a 'lab rat'. At Dartmouth, he depended greatly on daily calls to his mom. Jerome married college sweetheart Leslie and was eventually accepted to Dartmouth Medical School Class of 1977. While there, his interest in Neurology was sparked but Internal Medicine was his primary focus. With internship and residency in Chicago IL would come Eric [1978] and Neil [1980]. Jerome Sr. would excel in his profession, known for his kindness, willingness to share, caring and knowledge. Post training, he moved his family first to Roxboro NC [1980-1981]; then to Louisville KY [1981-1983] where Craig was born in 1982. Dr. Lawrence Reed was developing Westview Clinic in Tulsa OK in 1983 and seeking physician personnel. After working there, Dr. Wade would eventually establish his own practice; his goal was always to employ and influence young people. In 1988, after 5 years and a successful practice, the family moved to Clayton MO for him to attend St. Louis University and complete a Neurology residency. He returned to Tulsa after that in 1993 and practiced Neurology up until his illness. You might wait all day to see him, but you were the only person who existed during your visit with him. FAMILY and EDUCATION meant everything to Dr. Wade. He handled his final days with the dignity and aplomb for which he was known. Dr. Wade is sorely missed but his legacy remains as he is survived by many loving friends and family: his wife of 44 years, Leslie, Jerome Jr. [Lauren], Eric [Araceli], Neil and Craig.

Education And Training

Dr. Wade received his medical degree from Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, in New Hampshire. He trained in internal medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, and a in neurology at St Louis University School of Medicine.

Publications And Presentations

Over the years, Dr. Wade published a few pieces, which include Lateralization And Effects Of Adult Androgen In A Sexually Dimorphic Neuromuscular System Controlling Song in Zebra Finches (2002), and Vigilance Performance in Parkinson’s Disease and Depression (1998).

Dr. Jerome B. Wade departed on Friday, December 22, 2017, after a brief illness. He was 66. Dr. Wade was born August 1, 1951. Dr. Wade was a neurologist, and had been in practice for more than 20 years. He was affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Hillcrest Medical Center and St. John Medical Center. He was one of seven doctors at Hillcrest Medical Center and one of 11 at St. John Medical Center who specialized in Neurology.

2019 Dr. J.B. Wade Scholarship

Speaks 4 You will annually award scholarships to young, ambitious, community-oriented, high school students, interested in pursuing a higher education. Check back in January of 2020 for the application and more information. 

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